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Global property history reporting and due-diligence API

Calls to the API must be for genuine use and responses from the API must not be stored for the purpose of creating an offline copy of the information stored. Failure to comply with this requirement will infringe the API License.

ClaimsCheck API Methods

Listing UK Police Forces

GET /claimscheck/forces


The purpose of this method is to return a list of UK police forces. The response will be in JSON.


There is no request body when submitting a claimscheck/forces request. It is simply a GET request sent to the API.


>This table describes the output from a ClaimsCheck forces request. The response from this method will change infrequently so it is possible to cache the output of this method in order to save making multiple calls to the API.
Field Name Value Description
forces Array of Objects An array of objects containing force information.
➜ forcename String The human readable name of the force.
➜ force String The identifier for the force within the ClaimsCheck system. This is the value that must be submitted when validating a crime reference.

Example Response

            "forcename": "Bedfordshire",
            "force": "bedfordshire"
            "forcename": "Surrey",
            "force": "surrey"